kobayashi + zedda

Watson Lake Environment District Office
Watson Lake, Yukon

The 3,000 square foot building replaces a complex – dating back to the 1960s – consisting of a small building, trailer and storage shed. The new building has four offices, a meeting room, work bays, a biological submission room with walk-in freezer, general storage, public and staff washrooms, and space for seasonal staff.

The design of the new Watson Lake District Office is based on the concept of simple integration of components and building form in keeping with the specific needs of the building tenants. The form of the building is essentially a simple box conceived to simplify the structural system and reduce construction costs. The main entry and overhead door area are provided with generous overhangs and articulated with a material finish that differs from the metal cladding and siding panel system found on the majority of the exterior surface. The exterior materials and colour are intended to highlight the entry areas, present a welcoming public face and be notable from a distance.