kobayashi + zedda

Raven Recycling Centre Conceptual Design
Whitehorse, Yukon

Kobayashi + Zedda Architects Ltd. was retained to design a new facility for Raven Recycling using the Integrated Design Process. Through this process the consultant team is integrated from the beginning of the design process, resulting in a highly efficient building with reduced, long-term operating and maintenance costs.

The proposed building was designed to a LEED Silver standard and will act as a showcase for sustainable building design and technology in a remote northern location. Some sustainable design features of the building include an energy efficient heat pump system, solar wall, solar hot water heating, wind energy, photovoltaics and daylighting.

The design of the office, retail and industrial space incorporates local recycled materials such as heavy timbers and beams, recycled materials from the current centre and demolition materials such as doors, furniture and concrete in retaining walls.