kobayashi + zedda

Ordish-Anderson House
Whitehorse, Yukon

A single family residence for an artist and carver and his partner in Whitehorse, Yukon. The program describes a setting for a creative work environment and simple living space.  Occupying a previously cleared and disturbed portion of a rural site, the house nestles into its northern edge; absorbing the low angle of winter sunlight while protected from winter wind exposure.

The building form follows the interior organization of active and calm spaced along a glazed east-west edge.  Horizontally, the living program areas are connected but separate from the areas of rest and bathing through a neutral link/main entry.

The living area is organized vertically with a studio loft placed over the food preparation, dining and living spaces.  A northern view of the adjacent boreal forest provides uniform daylight and an intimate space for carving.

The southern wall of glass lays bare a vista to the edge of the opening and changing light and colour of a northern environment.  Looking back to the exposed south facade of the house, the screen of spruce sticks weaves and defines a new abstracted boreal forest edge.