kobayashi + zedda

FREEZE – Ice Fractures
Anchorage, Alaska

Ana Rewakowicz / Kobayashi + Zedda Architects

“Ice Fracture” transforms a winter phenomena of shifting ice into an urban experience that explores the physical relationship between movement, light and landscape. The installation at FREEZE consisted of ice cones of various sizes, moulded from traffic pylons, covering a 100 x 200 ft. area of Delaney Park in Anchorage, Alaska. Embedded in the ice, lights were controlled by strategically placed motion sensors that visitors triggered by their movement within the site. The lines of light referenced the movement of built-up pressures in frozen water, linking remote areas of the site and giving a sense of connection amidst the seemingly random arrangement of cones. The cast traffic pylons, typically ubiquitous in an urban environment, were reduced to their pure shape in ice allowing the visitor to explore, by movement, the relationship between light and form.