Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre

The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre, is located on the shores of Teslin Lake, Yukon. The building is defined by two distinct program areas; public gathering/ceremony and service/administrative.  A central circulation spine extends down and through the building as it follows the sloping lakeshore; linking program areas to lake and mountain.

As part of a mandate to rediscover Tlingit heritage it was decided that community members would construct the cultural centre using wood products milled by the Teslin Tlingit at their nearby sawmill. This helped define structural components and designs, finishing materials and construction techniques. The temporary skin and stick habitations, typical of inland Tlingit and First Nations throughout central Yukon, contrasts with the more permanent and substantive post and beam cedar structures, typical of the coastal Tlingit.

Completed under predecessor firm Florian Maurer Architect Ltd (ownership Jack Kobayashi and Florian Maurer).  Project Lead: Antonio Zedda.

Teslin Tlingit Council