Mountainview Church

Kobayashi + Zedda was retained by the Mountainview Church Society to create a concept design for a new church on undisturbed land on the outskirts of Whitehorse.

The final, selected building site was chosen for its large, level surface and commanding view to the south.  The entrance road will take advantage of cleared area within the power easement to wind its route up the hill with a relatively easy 5-6% grade.  The driveway will feature a meandering route with a switchback that will allow for dramatic views of the Church as part of the arrival sequence.

At the entrance to the building, the driveway will feature a covered drop off area for elders and families.  The covered area will be part of a large roof overhang that will create a waterfall feature at the main entrance.  This will help to move water away from the foundation while making reference to the importance of water in the Baptist tradition.

The architectural design concept centers on the idea of enclosing a large, black box space with a simple gable roof similar to what the congregation owns currently.  Since a massive gable can often present an underwhelming image to the surrounding neighbourhood, the shape of the roof was nuanced by the form of an origami crane – fast becoming an international symbol of peace and healing.

The rotation of the floor plan 45 degrees within the building is key to origami roof.  The rotated plan allows for a high ceiling along the axis of the floor plan and will accommodate a future second floor balcony.

Mountainview Church Society