MacBride Museum

The modern Yukon from the gold rush until the turn of the 21st century was industrial, driven by development and led by people who were willing to meet the challenges of the land, the climate and the isolation head-on to build a community.  The new addition pays homage to those people with a building that matches their can-do attitude.

With limited land available to add 1,700 m² of exhibition space, the only solution was to build up and over the historic Telegraph Office, the oldest structure in Whitehorse.  In doing so, the new addition serves to protect the Telegraph Office’s deteriorating roof and foundation without the need to destroy the original vintage of the original.

With a nod to Yukon’s mining heritage in the cladding, from the wood-look and corrugated steel siding reminiscent of the pioneer construction, to the natural zinc reminding us of our biggest mining adventure in Faro. The natural beauty of the Yukon landscape is reflected in the mimicry of the endless winter sky with constellations twinkling in lights on the facade and featuring an ice-like cave carved into the corner alcove.

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