Housing First

Kobayashi + Zedda acted as the prime consultant for the new Housing First project initiated by the Yukon Government Department of Health & Social Services and managed by the Yukon Housing Corporation.

The 16-unit Housing First building in downtown Whitehorse responds to the need of sustainable, affordable and humane housing that addresses homelessness. While traditional transitional housing methods for the target demographic is typically achieved in gradual interchanges; from the streets, to a public shelter, to transitional housing, to private apartments, the Housing First Model differs, prioritizing moving individuals or households from their conditions, directly to their own apartment. The independence and security granted by this direct transition helps provides individuals with stability and safety which affect an immediate improvement in quality of life.

The building and its systems meet the requirements of conceptual simplicity and low maintenance and is constructed of durable, resilient and non-toxic materials, ensuring a lifespan in an extreme cold climate of over 40 years.

Yukon Housing Corporation

1,075 m²