Centre Scolaire Secondaire Communautaire Paul-Emile Mercier

Known by its French name, Le Centre Scolaire Secondaire Communautaire Paul-Emile Mercier, the school and community centre is a 4,350 m² facility located on the educational reserve in the Riverdale subdivision of Whitehorse. Developed by the Yukon Government for the Francophone School Board (CSFY), the school is meant to meet growing student enrolment with an expected population of 250 students.

The school is also to function as a community centre for the Yukon Francophone community and designed to host community events and functions. The commercial kitchen, variety of community gathering spaces, theatre, and gymnasium are meant to allow for shared uses seven days of the week.

As a design-build project, KZA prepared the indicative design drawings (design/draw) and project statement of requirements.  The design/builder’s architect is DGBK Architect/Northern Front.

Government of Yukon