Bling Urban Dwellings

Kobayashi + Zedda Architects designed Bling Urban Dwellings to combine the best qualities of an urban loft and a walk-up townhouse. Bling Urban Dwellings offered 18 mixed-use residences with a variety of design options including ground level access, walk-up and penthouse suites. The project increased the typical area density 6-fold and while providing a comfortable and open urban feel.

The buildings are all oriented to the south maximising daylight and views from to the surrounding city and mountains. The building was constructed by 360° Design Build and made use of xeriscaping and energy efficient design and construction.

Though a relatively small development by current standards, Bling Urban Dwellings was developed in three distinct phases to allow the architects to scale the financing of the project, completing phases in succession to help fund the following phase of work.

360° Design Build