Air Canada

Air Canada

In 2018, Kobayashi + Zedda Architects was retained by Air Canada to design a new General Services Equipment (GSE) building on Whitehorse airport property adjacent to the existing firehall and adjoining the active apron area.

The building consists of a pre-engineered steel frame apparatus storage building to accommodate an assortment of 19 Air Canada GSE vehicles ranging from container loaders, baggage carts, de-icing vehicles, tugs, tractors and lav carts.

The building features a wood storey mezzanine that provides all the ancillary space required to support the operation and maintenance of the various apparatus.  Support rooms include office space, welding rooms, locker areas, tool cribs, a welding room and ready room.

The building was designed to allow for a future expansion of the mezzanine into a full second storey.  The building features high levels of insulation as well as a strategic arrangement of natural lighting to reduce power consumption and reduce heat loss.

Air Canada