4th and Jeckell Multi Unit Residential Building

Currently under construction, this 47-unit MURB development was designed for the Yukon Housing Corporation in downtown Whitehorse.

The final building design features a 4-storey plus main tower and 2-storey townhouse wing on Jeckell Street.  The basement will feature functional service spaces as well as resident storage space.  The triangular shaped plan responds to the primary shape of the lot.  The two main wings of the building respond to the main, adjacent streets; Jeckell and Robert Service Way.  In doing so, the limiting distance to neighbouring structures is not an issue and does not encumber the glazing, openings or balconies on the main building elevations.

The 4-storey massing of the building steps down from the high-traffic Robert Service Way side to 2-storey townhouses to reflect the pedestrian, human scale of Jeckell street.  Throughout the property, soft landscaping will create play areas for children and hard landscaping will help create defensible space by clearly delineating boundaries between public and private property on Jeckell Street.

The 2-storey townhouses will feature direct street access which will help reinforce the ‘eyes on the street’ concept which increases public safety by ensuring more activity and interaction between buildings, streets and human activity.

Yukon Housing Corporation