kobayashi + zedda

Keyano College Fort Chipewyan
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta

The new 650 square metre campus building is situated in the oldest community in Alberta.

The building has been designed to reflect the College’s brand yet tie into the diverse cultural framework of the hamlet.  The hamlet is comprised of Metis, Mikisew Cree and Athabasca Chip First Nations people.

The main entrance will feature several design elements that will acknowledge a sense of place.  The First Nations relationship to nearby Lake Athabasca will be reflected in the main entrance soffit and structure.  The wood soffit will mimic the smooth undulating underside of a wood boat.  The main entrance structural columns will have the appearance of three oars in the water.

The south-facing soffit will have the appearance of a large, soaring eagle’s wing.  The circular fire-pit will help to ground the building in its place and encourage discourse and oral traditions.