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Inuvik Singles Complex
Inuvik, NT

Inuvik Singles Complex

This new 832 sq.m. two storey wood frame facility consisting of 17 units for singles and couples will replace the existing Sydney Apartment Building, and is currently under construction. The building is a response to the changing needs in the Northwest Territories (NT), which has led to an increase in the range of housing options required. As the population of singles increases across the north, the desire for housing and support services in communities that facilitate a wide range of residential needs is critical to the economic and social well-being of communities.

Its design is based on the concept of simple integration of components and building form in keeping with the specific needs of the building tenants. The form of the building is essentially a large shed or box conceived to simplify the structural system and reduce construction costs. The building and its systems are simple and low maintenance.

Due to the available budget the design incorporates micro units (under 37 sq.m.) which permits the density to be increased allowing more units in a smaller building. These units employ a rigorous and creative use of space in their design to avoid wasting space. The units have been organized along a single spine which provides an efficient layout, minimizing the non-residential space required.